We have been carrying on the traditions of high-quality Italian manufacturing for over 40 years, adding in technical innovation and constant research in order to design and produce cutting-edge motors and components tailor-made to meet our customers’ requirements. We offer customised products of the highest standards, thanks to the research, experience and curiosity of passionate professionals. But that’s not all: our work begins with service and ends with support; we are always at the side of our customers, thanks also to an extensive network of partners built up over time.
Since 1979, we have been a benchmark in terms of quality and innovation in the battery electric vehicle and electric traction sector. CFR was founded in Modena, in the heart of Italy's Motor Valley, over 40 years ago. Passion and technical expertise on one hand, and customer focus and professionalism on the other, have always been the main features of our work and our products. In 1995 we acquired the company TVM, which is responsible for production of the group's mechanical components, guaranteeing the quality and flexibility required to design and manufacture special components and motors to meet customer requirements. Today, CFR has over 100 employees working at its 10,000+ m2 plant, is ISO9001 certified, and has built up an extensive network in the national and international markets.
Quality is at the foundations of everything we do: we believe that a product of value must go hand in hand with a valuable service. And this is how we work: we combine a focus on tradition with innovative solutions. We listen to the needs and requirements of our customers, and thanks to the professionalism and technical expertise of our team, we work to supply products optimised to the requirements of the different applications. Our main goal is to help our customers meet theirs.

Our applications

We have been working ever since our foundation to propose the best that the electric traction and battery electric vehicle market has to offer to the widest range of sectors of application.