Legal notes

 CFR General Conditions of Sales

Scope: The following provisions shall apply to all offers, orders, deliveries, and other services exclusively unless amended or excluded with the express written consent of the Seller.


Documents: The information contained in catalogue, data sheet, leaflets and all Seller printed documents and Internet pages are not binding and can change without notice.

The Seller retains the right to change design, dimensions and form of the products to adapt it to new market request or new norms.


Contract and offers: Offers can be made in writing or verbally, in any case only the Seller’s written confirmation of the offer shall be considered authoritative for the scope of the delivery .

Seller will be bound only upon an agreement comprised of an written order from the Buyer and a written order confirmation from the Seller . All understanding between the parties as set forth in those documents , provided that these terms and conditions shall be deemed incorporated in the contract between Seller and Buyer. All the prices written on the order confirmation are in EURO’s unless otherwise agreed .


Delivery and Shipment: Delivery of goods is always made ex work , packaging is supplied at cost, unless otherwise specified in writing by the Seller. All risk are always transferred to the Buyer when the goods are dispatched from the factory of the Seller.

Delivery time and deadlines , shall only be binding by express written agreement. The delivery time shall be reasonably respected , but is never binding as it can change due to unexpected events .

Payment: All the payment shall me made at the Bank of the Seller located in Modena , Italy.

Payment terms agreed have to be respected , in case of delay the Seller can apply interests related to the market interest rate . The Buyer is also responsible for paying any type of taxes ,
fiscal charges , Bank fees and customs duties .


Inspection and claims: Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately on receipt and shall within 8 days thereafter, give written notice to the Seller of any claim that the goods do not conform to the terms of the contract


Warranty: The warranty from defect in material and workmanship existing at the time of delivery to Buyer, is twelve (12) month from invoice date. If Seller confirms a warranty issue, skilled persons will change or repair the faulty components. The wearable parts are not considered under warranty. Warranty will be refused for incorrect maintenance, tampering, incorrect use ,
incorrect installation , damaged due to incorrect transport , handling and storage . All transport cost to return the goods to Seller, are always excluded from the warranty.


The place of performance: The place of performance for both parties is the domicile of the Seller. All the legal relationships between the Seller and the Buyer shall be governed exclusively by
the Italian law. .


Dear Customer,
we’re writing to inform you about the new procedure for the returns of goods to C.F.R. srl.

  1. Authorization
  2. Reparation under warranty
  3. Reparation out of warranty
  4. Other general conditions



Required data to get authorization to return
Before shipping back material to C.F.R. srl, you must ask the authorization to our commercial department. You must provide

  • Article number;
  • Production date;
  • Description of the problem, nature of concern.

Return shipment
All goods must be sent
freight prepaid, otherwise they will be rejected by our warehouse. Moreover the goods must be packaged in conditions suitable for transport and for internal handling operations, and above all, free of oil and other dirty materials.

If the delivery note is missing, then the goods will be rejected by our warehouse.

Determining the warranty
Independently of the reason for the return indicated by customer on the transport document, C.F.R. srl reserves the right to determine whether or not the warranty can be applied.



Warranty period
C.F.R. srl assures that its products, if installed and used properly, are free of defects for a period of 12 months from the invoice date. Warranty is strictly related to repairing and substitution of defective parts according to C.F.R. srl’s opinion, and the warranty does not cover any other damage than may occur using defective parts.

If warranty is applicable, C.F.R. srl will repair the material without any additional costs for the customer, will send back the repaired material as soon as possible. Transport costs are always not included in the warranty.

Partial warranty
If warranty conditions are only partially applicable, then C.F.R. srl will give to the customer the costs for substituted or added components out of warranty, and the time employed.

Warranty decease in the case of

  • The material has been tampered or disassembled by the customer
  • If the material has been installed or used improperly or unreasonable.



When the warranty cannot be applied, C.F.R. srl will send a report with estimation of repairing costs. The customer can accept or reject the estimation.
If the customer accept the repairing costs, then he must return the report signed by mail or fax (fax. +39 059 281655), and the repaired goods will be sent back ex-works.


Return goods not defective
If the goods will be found without any defect and perfectly working, in any case the time employed to test the components will be charged to the customer and the material will be sent ex-works.

Modena, 1
st January 2008

Yours faithfully,
Ing. Franco Neri
C.F.R. sr